The Mock-up / Toile

Once we have a design, we have to test it. After all this isn't a dress that is just conceived solely from a drawing pad and put together on a perfect size '0' model, produced for the mass market and made available in many bridal boutiques across the planet for all to try on, although that 'ready-to-wear' process is what most of us are familiar with.

This is a one-off dress designed for you to your measurement shape and size from the outset. So, lets make up a Toile - this is where the Couture work comes into it's own...

Toile/The Mock-up:
What is a Toile?

Well, 'mock-up' is a term that explains it quite well I think. It's a garment that is cut in calico (or a fabric that behaves in a similar way to the final luxury fabric that the dress will be made from) to test the design, style and fit of the bespoke garment. It is cut to your exact body measurementss so we can see how the design features work on you. Heck we've made up the design features ourselves! This is so much fun and exciting!

The Toile tells us what the design will look like in cloth. It shows us how the design fits, how it moulds to your body and whether it conveys the message we set out to achieve. Of course we can adjust and add little details here and there to mould it further.

If anything doesn't work, here's where we tweak it, taking into consideration the original dress design we've worked on to fit your theme and to fit your dream.

The Process:

(This consists of 2 or 3 visits - you'll need the proper underwear and shoes you will be wearing on the day at this point)

1. Your body measurements are taken
2. The pattern is made and cut in the test fabric
3. The Toile is made up (sewn) and this is where you get to try it on
4. We can tweak and discuss how the design looks on you at this point.

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