The Planning - So, how does this work?
One-to-One Consultations

An in-depth consultation with the designer where we'll discuss your budget, your venue and your theme (if you have one). We'll also discuss the designs you lust after and take a look at collections of photos you might have, and we'll look at dress styles that you might have worn in the past that you particlarly liked.

You'll be provided with information on the shapes and styles of wedding dresses that are currently popular, as well as information on body types and styles - is there a style that suites a particular body type? We will explore this together. We'll also take a look at and discuss the types of fabrics available and if you have any preferences etc.

Once this information has been gathered, the designer gets to work producing concept designs inspired by you which brings together your wishes and dreams complemented by her many years of design experience. Of course we can make changes until we come up with the final design.

The process of 'weaving your dream' wedding dress
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